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Lithium battery solution center

Focus on safety and environmental protection lithium-ion power, energy storage battery in the field of robotics, intelligent equipment, drones, electric vehicles, communications, wind energy energy storage power generation and other integrated application technology products research and development, aiming to provide customers with highly reliable lithium battery management solutions

Computing, storage, terminal monitoring

Multiple storage devices can be automatically monitored using SMI-S, SNMP, and SSH。Dynamically discover storage resource configurations, storage volume configurations, and volume mappings。You can set a user-defined performance threshold for resource fault warning.

Basic network monitoring

Provides tools, views, and knowledge for network monitoring and management,It provides network topology, map topology, network performance monitoring, network fault management, IP address management, and network configuration management,Real-time monitoring of network equipment data,Discover network faults and traffic anomalies in a timely manner,Improve network management efficiency,Ensure network security and reliability,Reduce operation and maintenance costs。

IT integrated operation and maintenance system software

The integrated intelligent operation and maintenance service management platform is based on the IT service management thought of ITIL(ITIL),Integrated system monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring, computer room monitoring, virtualization resource management, workflow, ITIL-type reports and portal and other technical means,Help customers solve IT support and management problems,Improve IT service level and productivity。

Software development department

We are an indivisible group of young people with a sense of innovation, a common goal, and different professional knowledge backgrounds。This group of people is like the five features of a person, working together to maintain a person's survival, one is indispensable。Without one or the other, the person will not live a healthy life。

Win everything at the starting point to customer needs as the core value

Deep technical force and professional technical support team are the advantages of Anhui Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. success。 Perfect service support system is a reliable guarantee to ensure the smooth implementation and operation of customer projects。The service system is mainly composed of customer response center, technical support department and other relevant departments as well as a set of strictly defined processes and systems。

Anhui Taiji computer Co., LTD

Anhui Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. was incorporated on November 23, 2011,The registered capital is 11 million yuan,Located in Hefei National high-tech Development Zone animation base J1 floor,IT is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the integration of information system and intelligent system, as well as IT operation and maintenance services and software development。Since its establishment, the company has established good cooperative relations with well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers such as EMC, IBM, HP, ORACLE, VMWARE, CISCO, Huawei, Huasan, Dawning, Inspur, etc。

Anhui Taiji computer Co., LTD

Address: Room 703, Block J1C, Phase II, Innovation Industrial Park, 2800 Innovation Avenue, Hefei City


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